Directed by Marco Del Fiol. 2016, 86 mins.
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In search of personal healing and artistic inspiration, Marina Abramović travels through Brazil experiencing sacred rituals and exploring the limits between art and spirituality. 







Fully shot and produced in Brazil between 2012 and 2015, “The Space In Between – Marina Abramović and Brazil” is one of the many outcomes of the partnership between the Ex-Yugoslavian artist and the production company Casa Redonda, which also produced Abramović’s exhibition in Brazil last year: “Terra Comunal – Marina Abramović + MAI."



The film features Abramović on a journey through Brazil in pursuit of what she calls “people and places of power” and the links between art and spirituality. A mix between road movie and spiritual thriller, the documentary reveals the artist’s research on sacred rituals and spiritual communities in the midst of the exuberant natural landscape of Brazil.



The film crew covered more than three thousand miles across the country, following Abramović through the healing experiences and surgeries performed by the medium John of God in Abadiania, state of Goiás, the ceremonies and incorporations of Vale do Amanhecer in Distrito Federal, the powerful religious syncretism of Salvador, Bahia, the ayahuasca rituals in Chapada Diamantina and lastly, shamanic experiences in Curitiba.



The physical journey leads Abramović into an intimate and personal journey as well, through memories, pain and learning about herself. The public closely follows the artist’s experiences, emotions and transformations throughout the whole process. Abramovic's research in Brazil culminates in footage from “Terra Comunal – Marina Abramović + MAI” representing the broad retrospective in her work and career and its reception by the Brazilian public.








I am in Mercury or maybe I am on Jupiter.


Actually, this is Mars. 


But I would also like to be on Pluto.


In front of me, there is a cave. And I am going to explore.