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NEON + MAI are partnered to present as one at the Benaki Museum in Athens, which consisted of the Abramovic Method, newly commissioned performance pieces by Greek artists, and an extensive public program of lectures, workshops, discussions.

As One remains one of the largest and most ambitious project dedicated to performance art in Greece to date. With this collaboration, NEON + MAI aimed to provide a platform and help foster a new generation of Greek performance artists. A number of emerging Greek artists were selected by NEON + MAI to train and perform, and have been commissioned to develop and present new works for the project.

7-Week Durational Performances

Despina Zacharopoulou: Corner Time
Thodoris Trampas: Pangaia
Virginia Mastrogiannaki: Jargon
Nancy Stamatopoulou: White Cave
Yota Argyropoulou: One Person at a Time
Lambros Pigounis: Micropolitics of Noise

Intervention Durational Performances

Yiannis Pappas: A Key
Thanassis Akokkalidis: Don't Look Down
Anastasia Papatheodorou: A Woman in a State of Truth
Yannis Adoniou + Stavros Apostolatos: Portrait of the Unknown Man
Dimitris Chimonas: Birthday
Katerina Oikonomou: And There Was Voice
Giannis Karounis: Orbital
PASHIAS: Diagrama (Training for performance #6)
Alexandros Michail: The eternal fire which lights them up inside and makes them glow
Thomas Diafas: Dance With Me
Maria Herranz: Medea: Impulse & Ear
Serafita Grigoriadou: The Never-Ending Song
Spyros Charalampopoulos: I Justify My Existence
Yiannis Pappas + Nikolaos: Semi-Glory
Amanda Coogan: You Don't Push A River
Elena Antoniou: An Eight-Hour Journey
Rafael Abdala + Jessica Goes: Protovoulia
Marianna Kavallieratos: Skin
Christina Vasileiou: bd | n | sl
Evgenia Tsanana: The Office for Public Unburdening
Kira O’Reilly: I came to the sea and I was scared. My heart is broken

As One Public Programs:
Workshops, Talks, and Film Screenings