OCTOBER 18 – NOVEMBER 11, 2018 at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre

A POSSIBLE ISLAND ? is a possible answer MAI and the 8 performance artists are giving to the 2018 Bangkok Art Biennale title, BEYOND BLISS.

The Bangkok Art Biennale title refers to the quality of contemporary time: social and political disorders, climate changes, diseases, migrations, pollution, dehumanisation, fake news, but also to the search for quietness, escapism, refuge.

A distinctive quality of our time is certainly the constant flux of information, such as images and news, almost immediately being replaced by new information without giving the necessary time for analyzation and comprehension.

The lack of time is a symptom, a symptom of fear; the fear of loneliness, of social misplacement and of being or thinking “outside the box.”

A POSSIBLE ISLAND ? is an attempt to place the visitors in a space where they will breathe, reunite with themselves, face all these issues, and maybe find some answers while watching the 8 long duration performances.

Despina Zacharopoulou, Protreptic (2018)
Jihyun Youn, Geometry of Lamentation (2013/2018)
Lin Htet, Our Glorious Past Our Glorious Present Our Glorious Future (2018)
Pantea, Circle (2018)
Taweesak Molsawat, The Gardener (2018)
Reetu Sattar, Orbit (2018)
Vandana, I The Flame (2018)
Yiannis Pappas, Telephus (2018)

The Abramovic Method

The Abramovic Method is a large scale, public participatory event joining people in a communal experience to connect with oneself and with each other. Inside this quiet and non-hierarchical space, the public is invited to participate in a number of exercises and to observe others as they participate. Connecting people in this basic way and creating a space of mutual witnessing, the Method encourages the kind of collective vulnerability that human beings need in order to better coexist. Participants are both guided by facilitators and self-guided and can stay in the Method for as long as they wish.

A POSSIBLE ISLAND ? is a collaboration between MAI and Bangkok Art Biennale. This project would not have been possible without the invitation and support of Prof. Dr. Apinan Poshyananda and the continued support of Bangkok Art Biennale and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Further thanks to the Thai Beverage Public Co., and sponsors of BAB.

Curators: Serge Le Borgne and Paula Garcia
Assistant Curator: Kitipatra  Jude Tandikul
Translator: Varissara Borkird
Installation Team: Supernormal Studio
Graphic Designer: Nut Namsowan
Communication & Public Relation: Kachapan Boorasni, Pimonpun Littiboonchai,  Kullakan Kinrakhon
Education Team: Pattara Danutra; Vorachat Vadhabukkana
Special Thanks: Assistant Professor Pawit Mahasarinand, Narongsak Nilkhet, Pichaya Aime Suphavanij, Patthira Kongraj

The Abramovic Method Managers:

Billy Zhao and Lynsey Peisinger

Facilitators for The Abramovic Method

Sirapat Deesawadee (Sprite)
Rata Aksornthong (Namwaan)
Pornthip Singrotai (Namwan)
Inaam Aemittipol (aam)
Rattanakan Kanchanaphanbun (Fah)
Toungsit Vattanawase (Pla)
Aninthita Meejan (Pluem)
Sirawit Muenpiw (Gun)
Mullika Korkaew (Mut)
Bhornpavee Poodang (I-tim)
Danish Seksan (Danish)
Praewa Chaipunna (Praew)

Buntariga Chatburanayont (Ming)
Chayanis Phetsuwan (Li)
Phadungkiat Sohap
Pitchapa Whangprasertkul (Namauun)
Warinda Thepkunchone (Mild)
Kan Nukhaw (Kan)
Thipnaree Hunsakul (Golf)
Paricha Buddharaksa
Virinsire Chomchey
Suksri Arayavilaipong
Raveewat Panchuay
Juliana Luisa Cappi
Wanasiri Thongchoo
Patiparn Meesuwan
Ammarin Areedee