In a moment of anger, stop breathing, 

and keep your breath until you reach your limit.


And then take a deep breath of fresh air.

The satisfaction of breathing again

will diminish anger 90%.


The above game is the fourth in a series created by video game designer Pippin Barr as part of an ongoing collaboration with MAI. This game requires Adobe Flash Player.

Forthcoming from IMMATERIAL:

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Pippin Barr is a video game maker and critic who lives and works in Malta. His games address everything from airplane safety instructions to contemporary art. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and teaches prototyping and game design at the University of Malta. Pippin also writes a blog of game and game design criticism and his book, How to Play a Video Game, introduces the uninitiated and culturally curious to the world of video games. His website can be found here.