Featured Long Durational Work

Walking, Silence (2013-2014), Greg Hindy

Duration: One Year

Text by Karina Kirnos
Photographs by Patrick Shen
On July 9th, 2013, Greg Hindy took a vow of silence and began a one-year performance, crossing America by foot. He carried with him a notebook to communicate with other people and a film camera to document his journey. The 8,700 mile walk from New Hampshire to California yielded 1,800 large-format film photographs currently stored in a safety deposit box at a bank in his hometown. Greg will be developing the black and white photographs himself. Greg’s journey could only be traced by where he swiped his debit card. With his vow of silence, he also chose not to write, read, or interact with television or social media.

 Film director Patrick Shen has followed Greg Hindy on some of his journey capturing the performance in a documentary film titled "Pursuit of Silence."

Carl Hindy, Greg's father, started a Facebook group for the performance in order to connect with all the people Greg met along his way. Although Greg did not speak to those he met, he sometimes explained his journey to them via short writings in his notebook: “I am an artist inspired to photograph America. My silence helps me to focus on discipline and meditation as I walk.” Greg Hindy finished his performance on the coast of California on his 23rd birthday, July 9th, 2014.
A video of Greg Hindy ending his one-year vow of silence will be available here on July 9th, 2014.

To see a map of all the places Greg Hindy stopped along his journey, click here.

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Greg Hindy is a 2013 graduate of Yale University with a major in Cognitive Sciences. He has had a long-term passion for photography, most recently fueled by his involvement with the Photography Department at Yale. Greg is currently seeking an artist residency to develop the film from his journey. He will eventually return for an MFA degree and hopes in the future to teach at the university level. His website can be found here.