HOURGLASS (2010-2013)

Featured Long Durational Work

Hourglass (2010-2013), Chun Hua Catherine Dong 

Duration: Up to 32 hours

Text via Chun Hua Catherine Dong
Photographs courtesy of the artist

For “Hourglass” (2011-2013) Chun Hua Catherine Dong set two 14-inch bowls, two pairs of small brushes, and a pair of tweezers on a table. She then began painting individual grains of white rice with black ink until the amount of black rice was equal to the amount of white rice. The audience was invited to sit down in front of her to join her in this work. She performed this piece five different times, beginning with a performance of four hours and later performing for as long as 32 hours at Visualeyez Performance Festival in Edmonton, Canada in 2010.

Chun Hua Catherine Dong is is a Chinese-born performance artist living in Canada. She graduated from Emily Carr University Art & Design and holds MFA at Concordia University. Initially working in painting and drawing, She has been using her body as a visual territory and a primary material in her artwork to activate social commentary on immigration, race and gender since 2009. In her earlier works, the body represented an ideological confrontation or political alienation. She used silence as a method of protest to call attention to issues in the context of multicultural society, giving voice to those silenced or to raise visibility to those made invisible by dominant ideologies. In her newer works, she views the body as a bridge connecting east and west, past and present, creating a new version of hybridity and striving to transcend and mend. She has been invited to perform in multiple international venues across North America, Europe and Asia. Her research is supported by Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, British Columbia Arts Council, and Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts. Her website can be found here.