A Letter from Serge Le Borgne, Director of MAI

A few months ago, MAI began to create a digital version of the Institute. In other words, we started to produce a series of texts, interviews, videos, chronicles, and live events to make available on our digital platforms. What links all of these pieces is their relation to the primary focus of MAI: immateriality and long durational works in the fields of humanities, arts, sciences, and technology.

Marina Abramovic’s aim in forming MAI, which serves as her legacy, is precisely that it grows to become the legacy of many artists, scientists, researchers, and scholars. Multidisciplinary collaboration is the driving force behind a legacy created by everyone, for everyone.

IMMATERIAL, the Institute’s digital platform, contains free ongoing content as well as a digital journal offered as a gift to monthly contributors. We hope that this further unites us with those who have been following our progress via social media over the past year. IMMATERIAL is also an invitation to involve an expanding community of readers, supporters, and friends in our process.

This new digital platform reflects our idea of a “flying Institute,” through which we host live events aligned with the MAI mission at partner venues around the world. To date, we have presented programs in Toronto, Geneva, Milan, New York City, and Hudson. New productions are in the works for São Paolo, Jersey City, and many more in 2015. These events, along with IMMATERIAL, embody the kinds of programs we hope to continue when the MAI Hudson building is complete.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the editors, writers, and contributors of this first edition of IMMATERIAL. I hope our group of contributors will grow in the coming months.

Thank you for your continuing support and please spread the word!

Serge Le Borgne, Director of MAI