Featured Long Durational Work


Duration: Two to eight hours per drawing

Text and photographs via Holly Victoria Matthews

Holly Victoria Matthews' artistic practice is centered around her investigation of how to document her stream of consciousness through drawing. To make physical her internal language and to attempt to capture all conscious impressions that occur during the creation of each drawing; visual, auditory, physical experience, associative thought and subliminal connections. Creating a dialogue between herself and the sensory outside world.

Automatism, anonymity, illegibility, duration, process, translation and language all inform her personal take on conceptual drawing. Working with the juxtaposition between handwriting acting as a unique form of mark making and the lines that trace the body's movement over entirety of the surface of the paper during the automatic drawing process.

13.07.00 - 21.10.00, Degree Show Drawing Number 2 (2014), Holly Victoria Matthews

Each durational drawing is titled with its numerical start and end time from the day it was created. She wants the work to act as a document of her experience of drawing itself and to ultimately fix that experience, that moment, into a perpetual present through the act of recording it.

Holly Victoria Matthews is a visual artist from the United Kingdom. She has recently graduated with First Class Honours from Cardiff School of Art and Design. Her website can be found here.