In this allegory of Plato’s Cave, Nancy Stamatopoulou directs her own “spiritual confinement” within a reality composed of everyday objects. For eight hours each day over the course of seven weeks, the artist will remain within the narrow limits set by the sights of a camera lens, confined inside her own personal “cave” and the shadowy re-enactment of a personal truth. Time passes slowly, like the movement of a turtle. Actions are repetitious, like a punishment. Reality feels remote, the possibility of escape imperceptible.


camera view

For each day of the performance, Stamatopoulou's cave was captured by a video camera and presented on screens next to the performance. 

Nancy Stamatopoulou is a dancer and performance maker. Between 1996 and 2008, she collaborated with Jean Vinclair, Jackie Taffanel, Fani Sarantari, Alfredo Fernadez, Apostolia Papadamaki, Karen Levi, Claudi Bonbardo, National Theatre of Northern Greece, and appeared in the creations of Nigel Charnok, Konstantinos Rigos, Katerina Papageorgiou (Kat Válastur), and Alexandros Efkleidis. Between 2009 and 2012, working in Amsterdam, she created: “Cave” presented at Baila Louca—Rotterdam, the Museum of Contemporary Art—Thessaloniki, the Athens Video Art Festival—Athens, and the Goethe Institut—Athens; “Pleasenter” at the Kunstkapel Virtueel Museum—Amsterdam (in collaboration with T. Argyriou, A. Bulayev and M. Melgares); and “Sugar Slave” at the Sacatar Foundation—Brazil, and the Slow Down Winter Performance Festival—Amsterdam. From 2013, she has collaborated as a performer and assistant choreographer with Kyriakos Hajioannou (Switzerland) in “Second Skin” at the Berne Tojo Theatre—Bern, and “Who Owns the World” at Kaserne—Basel and Onassis Cultural Centre—Athens.