Presence #7


Ana carolina Pinheiro

Introduction by Ulisses Carrilho
Photograph by Hick Duarte
Wednesday, May 6 - 2015

"I wanted it to be a surprise"

The ten videos selected by curator Jochen Volz for the Marina Abramovic retrospective video portrait gallery trace the history and trajectory of the artist’s practice. They highlight her ability to commit to a single action over an extended period of time, which creates the potential for personal transformation for both artist and spectator. The videos were the highlight for Ana Carolina Pinheiro, a 19 year-old student:

“I came here because some friends invited me to come for the Method. I didn’t want to read anything about it before doing it. I wanted it to be a surprise. Of course I have already read about Marina Abramovic and about performance art. What really caught my attention though were the videos that capture her performances. I have the impression that when I’m watching it, I’m also being watched. My presence? To me, it seems like I’m the only one Marina is talking to.”

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.