Overlapping Memories



Text by Ulisses Carrilho
Photographs by Victor Takayama, Victor Nomoto and Hick Duarte
Tuesday, May 12 - 2015

The Terra Comunal- MAI exhibition at SESC Pompeia has finally come to an end. Since the show’s opening in March, 250 Abramovic Method sessions were held with a total of 14,264 participants. 105,632 people visited the Marina Abramovic retrospective. 4,713 people had the chance to hear Marina Abramovic in person at the eight conferences she delivered on performance art.

#1 Tue, May 5th

Ongoing activities and long durational performances by Paula Garcia (Body Crumbling), Rubiane Maia (The Garden), Maurício Ianês (The Bond), Fernando Ribeiro (The Typewriter), and Grupo EmpreZa (Vesuvius).

In the afternoon, Exercícios de Resígnio, a performance by Marina Matheus and Marcos Braga involving charcoal as a primary material.

At night, Jantar na Relva: a dinner that required attendees to remain nude throughout the event.The dinner took place in the area built for Mauricio Ianês's performance The Bond.

#2 Wed, May 6th

Wednesday is a day for experimentation in Maurício Ianês space, where “The Bond” performance takes place. Typewriter and synths were mixed in a musical experiment. For kids, the experiment is colorful, using fire-melted crayons and paint.

#3 Thu, May 7th

Performance piece Static Movement is presented by Marco Biglia. In addition, Aishá from Grupo EmpreZa and Paula Garcia create a poignant moment when they switch roles. For EmpreZa’s performance piece, thursday is a karaoke party.

#4 Fri and Sat, May 8th and 9th

In addition to ongoing activities, Marco Paulo Rolla (Fulfilling the Space) and Maikon K (DNA of DAN) return to the exhibition for three special days of performance. 

#6 Sun, May 10th

On Sunday, Grupo EmpreZa gives its last Serão Performático, consisting of a bingo game in which the objects used by the artists of MAI Presents, mainly their own clothes and uniforms, are the prizes. In their own words, the clothes that artist wore aren’t works, but archeological objects that survived through time. Group Cão performs a concert in Maurício Ianês's space, as a last act of rebellion. Marco Paulo Rolla plays his last notes. Maikon K stands still for the last time. Rubiane Maia’s seeds have their last moments of growth. Paula Garcia moves iron for the last time during the exhibition. And Fernando Ribeiro writes his final page. 

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.