Overlapping Memories



Text by Gustavo Bonfiglioli
Photographs by Victor Nomoto and Victor Takayama
Tuesday, April 7 - 2015

We have entered the fifth week of Terra Comunal - MAI. For the past month, the Marina Abramovic retrospective has been open to the public; thousands of visitors have experienced the Abramovic Method; and eight long durational performances were presented featuring Brazilian artists.

Highlights from this past week include Marina Abramovic's third and fourth lecture on performance art, an intervention by Lynsey Peisinger, and the re-performance of Freeing the Memory (1975) by Berlin-based Brazilian performance artist Andrea Boller.

#1 Tue, 31 Mar

Ongoing activities and long durational performances by Paula Garcia (Crumbling Body), Rubiane Maia (The Garden), Maurício Ianês (The Bond), Fernando Ribeiro (The Typewriter), and Grupo EmpreZa (Vesuvius).

#2 Wed, 1st Apr

From 8pm to 10pm BRT, Marina Abramovic delivers her third lecture on performance art, focused on her own career. Her early performance works are presented in an autobiographical context. The importance of failing, as well as the idea of passion– for art and for Ulay‒ are central elements of her trajectory.

Read about the third lecture highlights here.

#3 Thu, 2nd Apr

The fourth lecture on immaterial art is about a performance artist’s preparation. Abramovic’s Cleaning the House workshop is one of the main topics of discussion, and footage recorded last month is screened, showing the eight Brazilian artists selected for MAI Presents participating in several exercises from the workshop. The presentation is followed by an intervention by Lynsey Peisinger, assisted by Bruno Oliveira, titled I’m Doing What I Think You Want Me To Do.

Read about the fourth lecture highlights here.

#4 Fri and Sat, 3rd & 4th Apr

Ongoing activities and long-durational performances by Paula Garcia (Body Crumbling), Rubiane Maia (The Garden), Maurício Ianês (The Bond), Fernando Ribeiro (The Typewriter), and Grupo EmpreZa (Vesuvius). The “In Between” space features Berlin-based Brazilian artist Andrea Boller re-performing Marina Abramovic's Freeing the Memory. This is one in a series of three pieces Abramovic performed in 1975. Sitting on a chair, Boller recites all the words she can remember, stream of consciousness style, with her head tilted backwards.

Watch a short excerpt on our instagram account: instagram.com/p/1EeADgtjcQ/?taken-by=hudsonmai

Counting the Rice, an exercise originally used in the Cleaning the House workshop, was set up last saturday in front of the Abramovic Method area, allowing the public to push their physical and mental limits by separating and counting grains of rice and lentils for long periods of time. The exercise develops participants’ endurance, concentration, perception, self-control, and willpower.

Upcoming Special Events 

- Wednesday, 8pm to 10pm BRT, Marina Abramovic gives her fifth lecture on performance art;
- Thursday, April 3, 5pm BRT, the third Serão Performático is presented by Grupo EmpreZa as part of their larger work, Vesuvius;
Saturday, April 11, 1pm to 9pm - BRT, Lynsey Peisinger performs at the “In Between” space.
- Tuesday, April 7 through Sunday, April 12, 1pm to 9pm - BRT, Marco Paulo Rolla performs his work
Filling the Space [Preenchendo o Espaço].

Check our calendar for more dates and times.

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.