Art is play


Kids at Terra Comunal - MAI

Text by Ulisses Carrilho
Photographs by Hick Duarte, Victor Nomoto and Leon
Monday, April 27 - 2015

Marina Abramovic has repeatedly said that art has no gender – and a logical extension of this idea is that art has no age either. The grandmother of performance art, as she is often called, offers the same experiential opportunity to children as well as adults at Terra Comunal - MAI. 

We gathered photographs of children around SESC’s various exhibition spaces to illustrate their appreciation of performance pieces, which isn’t unique to works by Abramovic. Be it in Mauricio Ianês  messy area where The Bond is performed, or the inviting reunions of Grupo EmpreZa, these images show that SESC Pompeia truly stood as a “Common Ground,” in latin “Terra Comunal,” transcending age altogether. 

See the images captured by our team of photographers of children and their unique relational approach to art:

Here some images taken by Leon:

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.