Overlapping Memories



Text by Ulisses Carrilho
Photographs by Hick Duarte
Tuesday, April 14 - 2015

We have entered the sixth week of Terra Comunal - MAI. For the past month, the Marina Abramovic retrospective has been open to the public; thousands of visitors have experienced the Abramovic Method; and eight Brazilian artists have presented numerous long durational performances.

Highlights from this past week include Marina Abramovic's fifth lecture on performance art, the third Serão Performático by Grupo EmpreZa, and a performance by Lynsey Peisinger at the “In Between” space.

#1 Tue, April 7

Grupo EmpreZa performs for the entire day, focusing on the element of fire. This Serão Performático is the third in a series of six performances that comprise the project Vesuvius.

Read about the Serão Performático highlights here.

#2 Wed, April 8

Marina Abramovic delivers her fifth lecture on performance art, introducing “body drama,” a term she coined herself. Speaking about the importance of artists creating work with a specific body part in mind, this conference specifically addresses use of the feet, chest, and eyes as focal points in performance.

Read about the fifth lecture highlights here.

#3 Thu, April 9

Ongoing activities and long durational performances by Paula Garcia (Crumbling Body), Rubiane Maia (The Garden), Maurício Ianês (The Bond), Fernando Ribeiro (The Typewriter), and Grupo EmpreZa (Vesuvius). This week also includes performances by Marco Paulo Rolla (Filling the Space) daily from Tuesday through Sunday.

#4 Fri and Sat, April 9 & 10 

At the “In Between” space, Paris-based choreographer and performance artist Lynsey Peisinger presents an untitled performance piece . Along with Paula Garcia and Abramovic, she is also curator of MAI Presents, a program of long durational performances by eight Brazilian artists as part of Terra Comunal - MAI

Watch a short clip here:

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.