Overlapping Memories



Text by Gustavo Bonfiglioli
Photographs by Hick Duarte and Marcelo Mattina
Monday, March 23 - 2015

Two weeks down, seven more to go. At Terra Comunal - MAI, the Institute is operating with all its components for the first time anywhere in the world. Long durational performances share the space inside SESC Pompeia with scheduled interventions and lectures. Each day, more and more people experience the Abramovic Method and visit the Marina Abramovic retrospective. This week, in addition to the MAI Presents program, Andrea Boller re-performs Marina Abramovic's Freeing the Voice (1975) and Lynsey Peisinger performs Under All of This There is a River. Here is a day-by-day recap:

#1 Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri, March 17, 18, 19 and 20

Ongoing long durational performances by Paula Garcia (Crumbling Body), Rubiane Maia (The Garden), Maurício Ianês (The Bond) and Grupo EmpreZa (Vesuvius).

#2 Saturday, March 21

Berlin-based Brazilian artist Andrea Boller re-performs Marina Abramovic's Freeing the Voice. This is one in a series of three pieces Abramovic performed in 1975. Boller will also re-perform Freeing the Memory and Freeing the Body on April 4 and April 18 respectively. This marks the first time the series is re-performed in South America.

In Freeing the Voice, Boller lies on a mattress and screams continuously, just as Abramovic did 40 years ago. The performance is supposed to end when she loses her voice, but Boller doesn’t stop screaming for four hours, until SESC Pompeia has to close for the night at 9pm BRT.  

#3 Sunday, March 22

From 1pm to 7pm BRT, Paris-based American artist Lynsey Peisinger performs Under All of This There is a River, a long durational performance, at the “In Between” space.

Peisinger is alone with two buckets of water, a bench, a rack of clothes, a trash can, and a big table. On a table are numerous products: olive oil, turmeric, coconut oil, oatmeal, green clay, moisturizer, baking soda, lemon, and ginger, among others. She undresses, taking long pauses after removing each item of clothing to gaze at members of the audience. Peisinger proceeds to apply the products one by one to her body, covering up red spots on her skin and alternating between two basic positions: standing and sitting on the bench.

Peisinger is a performer and choreographer from New York. She has cast and trained performers for Marina Abramovic, and currently facilitates the Abramovic Method and the MAI Prototype. Along with Abramovic and artist Paula Garcia, she is co-curator of MAI Presents, a program of eight long durational performances exhibited at Terra Comunal - MAI.

Upcoming Special Events: Wednesday, March 25, Grupo EmpreZa will perform the second of six Serão Performático from their series Vesuvius, from 1pm to 9pm BRT.  Thursday, March 26, Marina Abramovic will deliver her second lecture on performance art at SESC Pompeia's main theater, featuring new work by Lynsey Peisinger at 8pm BRT.

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.