Presence #3


claudine mira

Introduction by Gustavo Bonfiglioli
Photograph by Hick Duarte
Tuesday, March 24 - 2015

"Performance takes art to another sphere in life"

Paula Garcia is hurling nails at the magnetized walls of the iron shelter designed for her performance Body Crumbling. A single spectator sits on a white bench in front of the performance area. She has short curly hair, glasses, a serious expression, and warm eyes. She has been there for quite some time, rapt, watching every single nail Garcia throws.

Half an hour later, the same visitor is outside on SESC Pompeia's main street. Her name is Claudine Mira, a 38 year-old art educator working at the exhibition. After seeing Garcia’s performance, she is thinking about buying tickets to see British trip-hop producer Tricky in concert at SESC on March 29. In SESC Pompeia's ballroom, a female voice sings Volta por Cima, a classic samba from the 60’s. Her voice spills out onto the main street as Claudia gives her impressions of Terra Comunal - MAI:

"I was in the warehouse for almost two hours with Paula, thinking about absolutely nothing. [I] Could spend the whole day there if I didn't have to leave. When watching Maikon K's DNA of DAN performance, I thought I was just going to spend half an hour inside that big plastic bubble, but I remained there from 4pm to 10pm. As an educator, I observe the public around me. Sometimes there's an expectation for something to happen; but just Paula's or Maikon's presence is the action: there's no acting, they're humans dealing with the space and the elements around them. They could lay down and sleep and I'd still be glad to be there. For me, performance is a quantum leap that takes art to another sphere in life, because of this sense of being present. The art of raising a child, for example, or the art of learning, listening, looking. I'm here with you in this interview, and I feel present in it. This gives me ability not to fall into determinism, to not want to be something other than myself. We have so many pre-established models and codes about what we're supposed to be, and art is an opportunity to disrupt them."

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.