Presence #1



Photograph by Victor Nomoto
Wednesday, March 18 - 2015

"I don't need to reach exhaustion anymore."

The rain becomes heavy on SESC Pompeia's central street, which divides the left and the right warehouses of the old factory building. It's 4pm. Inside the main “Living Area,” a serene woman with light hair and round orange-tinted glasses sits peacefully at a wooden table. She's spending the day at SESC Pompeia mainly to see Marina Abramovic's retrospective.

Her name is Zuleica Pimenta de Felice, 62 years old. She's a psychotherapist, writer, poet and actress from São Paulo. She was thinking about the rain, worried about her housemaid leaving her house in a strong storm, but took a moment to share her first impressions of Terra Comunal - MAI:

"This exhibition is very inspiring because Marina dedicated her life to find the limits of her body and mind, and you can see it in every performance. She has earned great merit for that. And it makes us think about all the people that already have a life that's so difficult, with no resources, being exploited physically and mentally - they're being forced to reach their limits everyday. And deep inside we all are, at some point: everything changes so fast, we feel violated all the time, on the edge all the time. Because of that, after what I’ve lived through so far, it's very important for me to connect with my body without violence as a way to feel present: in a lighter, sweeter way. I don't need to reach exhaustion anymore. I just need lightness, silence and meditation."

Terra Comunal - MAI is free and open to the public until May 10, 2015 @SESC Pompeia, São Paulo - Brazil.