MAI Hudson is a 33,000 square foot (3,065 square meter) building in the center of Hudson, New York that is being re-designed by The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). Once renovated, this building will be MAI's home, providing a space for long durational works, multidisciplinary collaboration, educational programs, and the Abramovic Method.

The building in Hudson is not yet open to the public. Currently, MAI presents live events at partner venues, presenting collaborative projects and durational works.


MAI is a long-term project with many milestones along the way. The next step in MAI Hudson's development is the creation of a functional raw space. Once the building has been cleaned and secured, construction on basic plumbing, electric and network facilities will occur. After this is complete, MAI will begin early programming in the building, bringing events and artworks to Hudson.
With a successful Kickstarter campaign that ran for 30 days in the summer of 2013, MAI raised $661,452 towards Phase One of the building's construction: early programming, office operations, and schematic designs of architectural elements. This goal was achieved with the support of 4,765 MAI founders, who each contributed between $1 to $10,000 towards making MAI Hudson a reality.