Photographs by Felipe Neves and Kaldor Public Art Projects/Peter Greig

We are entering the second week of Marina Abramovic: in Residence, a transformation in the rules of how performance art functions and is presented to the public. Here, Abramovic is shifting the paradigm. She is simply the conductor, and it’s the public who live and feel the experience. Such a shift has been part of the artist's career beginning with The Artist is Present, at the MoMA, and put fully put into practice in 512 Hours, at the Serpentine Galleries. By experiencing her performances, members of the public become participants who take time to truly get in touch with themselves.

Marina Abramovic: in Residence takes place in Sydney, Australia. Located just beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Walsh Bay Pier, the huge industrial warehouse that houses the two-part exhibition offers a breathtaking view of nature.


The public is invited to experience the Abramovic Method through various exercises which include Counting the Rice, Looking at the Colors, Slow Motion Walk, and Mutual Gaze. The Method was developed over decades of research on performance and immaterial art as a way for artists to prepare for creating performances. It proves useful, however, for everyone as a way to be more in touch with themselves and to investigate their own mental and physical limits. In a world where things change so fast and information is so broadly available, the chance to explore one’s own consciousness is crucial. The Method delivers a way to be present through art to the general public.


Twelve Australian artists are living in the warehouse for the duration of the exhibition, mentored by Abramovic in an intensive Artist Residency Program curated by Sophie O'Brien and Emma Pike. The artists are fully immersed: they sleep, eat, and breath the residency, going through an intense routine which includes daily morning sessions with Abramovic, research, creation, and rehearsal during the day,  as well as screenings and talks in the evening. The public is also invited to watch them and, most importantly, to participate in their performances, which explore contemporary views on subjects as diverse as politics, intimacy, gender, neuroscience, identity, psychology, and failure, among others.

Marina Abramovic: In Residence is free and open to the public until July 05, 2015 @Kaldor Public Art Projects, Pier 2/3, Sydney - Australia from 12pm - 7pm.