MAI’s mission is and has always been to promote performance art and to create communal and participatory art experiences for the largest amount of people possible.

MAI partners with venues and artists presenting workshops and projects around the world. For the past three years, MAI has presented 13 art experiences in 12 countries the majority of which was free of entrance and open to the public. The events have been attended by hundreds of thousands of people. 

The building on 620 Columbia Street in Hudson, NY, was donated to MAI by Marina Abramovic and it was intended to provide an educational space to host performances, workshops, lectures, residencies and research.

The initial architectural study was performed by OMA, New York. At this stage, the projected budget for the completion of the project was estimated between 15 and 20 million dollars. 

MAI initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund the second phase of the studies, the schematic designs. After the completion of this phase, the project budget was estimated to exceed 31 million dollars.

In view of that, the Board of MAI has decided to cancel the building project. The project cost and the project risk far exceeds initial expectations and estimates.

MAI continues to be committed to serving its mission and to achieve the greatest possible global impact.





Header and Selected Projects Photo Credit: 
Marina Abramovic: In Residence at Kaldor Public Projects. Photograph by Felipe Neves, 2015. Photo courtesy of FLAGCX and MAI.