Lambros Pigounis: Micropolitics of Noise

Lambros Pigounis

Micropolitics of Noise (2016)

Duration: 7 Weeks


Photographs by Natalia Tsoukala and Panos Kokkinias for NEON and MAI

Driven by his research in acoustic ecology in relation to the human body, Lambros Pigounis will be attempting to give physical form to the micropolitics of sound-signaling threats and to demonstrate the ways in which noise can be used as a form of violence that also shapes the soundscape of the future. He will create a long-durational situation in which his body is exposed to subsonic vibrational forces, triggered by the presence of people around him. Left in a state of constant threat for seven weeks, the body unconsciously experiences three kinds of fear-induced reactions: fight — flight — freeze.

Lambros Pigounis lives in Athens and specialises in the field of contemporary, classical and electroacoustic composition. He studied violin, electroacoustic composition and computer algorythmic composition in Athens and London. He has appeared in concerts and festivals, such as the Laban’s Dance Festivals, the Mercat de les slors in Barcelona, the International Platform of Arts (Portugal), the DAL NIENTE 3 Projects (UK), Synch Festival (Greece), Moving Silence Festival (Germany), Athens and Epidaurus Festival (Greece), Hebbel Am Ufer (Germany), at the Hong Kong Biennale, and in numerous electroacoustic music concerts and broadcasts. He also works as a teacher in sound synthesis and advanced industry music applications. His main artistic activity consists of collaborations with theatre directors, choreographers and other artists. He is currently researching on the input of the human agent in electroacoustic composition and performance, based on the interactive communicational model that draws attention to how the human performer creates relationships between sonic, technological and social space.

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March 10 - April 24, 2016
Benaki Museum
Athens, Greece