Featured Long Durational Work

Bath’s House (2001), Angela Freiberger

Duration: Six Hours

Text by Angela Freiberger
Photographs by Wilton Montenegro

In 2001, based upon her sculpting practice and constant physical interaction with marble, Angela Freiberger began developing performances in relation to the objects she was sculpting. In this performance specifically, her body took on the characteristics of sculpture manifesting the concepts found in her practice as extensions of her body. The body was a positive element to the negative sculptural receptacles. For this performance and installation, the artist installed four different kinds of bathtubs she sculpted from Portuguese pink marble. The marble’s color resembled human flesh. The performance consisted of the artist lying down in each of the bathtubs, her body becoming one with the stone and taking on the objects’ physical traits. The artist and the marble tub were symbiotically still, cold, and grounded on the gallery floor. 

Bath’s House (2001), Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photograph by Wilton Montenegro

Angela Freiberger’s work explores the idea of 'body,' in which the sculpture she makes represent and contrast the finitude of the human body and become and extension of it. She incorporates performance to challenge and transgress physical and mental boundaries. The use of video and her physical interaction with it are also an element that adds to the tension between the material and the immaterial. Angela was a Re-performer in the Marina Abramovic retrospective The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010 and at the Armory Art Fair. In 2010, Angela received the Senior Fellowship from Terra Foundation for American Art in Europe (Giverny, France). In 2012, she participated at a residency in Hasselt, Belgium, “Hotel de Immigrantes 2, Cosmopolitan Stranger,” which paralleled Manifesta 9. In 2007 she pursue her Masters in Fine Arts at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Her website can be found here.