Long Durational Natural Phenomenon

Existence of The Azure Window 

Duration: Hundreds of years

Text via Wikipedia and Times of Malta
Cover photograph by Wikipedia User anjab1593

The Azure Window is a Limestone natural arch on the Maltese island of Gozo. It is situated near Dwejra Bay on the Inland Sea. The formation, which was created after two limestone sea caves collapsed, is popular with scuba divers. The Azure Window is estimated to have developed over hundreds of years through sea and rain erosion.

The arch is disintegrating because large pieces of rock have begun to fall from its underside. Its dangerous condition has led to warning notices being placed along the cliffs to stop people walking over the top of the arch. In April 2012, a large piece of rock was dislocated and resulted in the window being made larger and more unstable, as well as a reduction in its nearly perfect oblong shape.


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