Bangkok Art Biennale and Marina Abramović Institute are seeking facilitators for a public participatory work called the Abramovic Method that will take place between mid-October to mid-November. Applicants should be from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to dance, theatre, performance, yoga, art history, science and psychology. Applicants should have an interest in durational performance art and be comfortable interacting with the public. The role is physically demanding and requires the ability to stand for long periods. People with durational practices such as dance, meditation, sports and yoga are strongly encouraged to apply. All applicants must be at least 18 years old. Applicants must submit CV in English with headshot and letter of interest to facilitators@mai.art

Deadline for submissions is August 10, 2018.


Bangkok Art Biennale and Marina Abramovic Institute are seeking established and practicing artists working in all forms of performance to create new long-durational performances for an exhibition for 3 weeks from mid-October to mid-November. Artists must be born or currently based in Asia. 

Applicants must submit a PDF in English including 5 works with images or video links, descriptions (250 words max), and biography/ CV, website to artists@mai.art

Deadline for submissions is August 10, 2018.