Marianna Kavallieratos: Skin



SKIN (2016)


Photographs by Natalia Tsoukala and Panos Kokkinias for NEON and MAI

Marianna Kavallieratos asks questions about the nature of appearances, masquerade and transformation in this work that concerns itself with the daily rituals that constantly change the outward aspect of our bodies. Surrounded by a pile of clothes, the artist dresses and undresses herself constantly, transforming herself over and again for eight hours, changing and reshaping herself to become a doll that tries on different characters and silent roles. She is seeking her “skin”, the real thing beneath all these attempts — intentional or otherwise — to distort our own selves that lead to a loss of identity and an acceptance of appearances.

Marianna Kavallieratos studied contemporary dance and choreography at The Place L.C.D.S. She went to SUNY Purchase NY on an Onassis Foundation scholarship, and attended the Graham Studios in NY for three years. Since 1992, she has been a close collaborator of Robert Wilson, and has appeared in several of his productions across the world, as a dancer and performer. In 2000-2003 she danced with choreographer Arco Renz in Brussels. In 2010, she founded her own company “klokworks” and began researching her own ideas, making works presented at the Athens Festival, the Onassis Cultural Centre—Athens, and in New York at the Watermill Center. She has collaborated as a movement coach with the Greek National Theatre and several Greek theatre directors. She has taught dance at the Veaki Drama school, Empros,StudioMetsis, DANCE Cultural Center, and the Watermill Center NY. She has also given workshops at the Summer Academy of the Greek National Theatre, and the Watermill Center.

Performed as part of:


March 10 - April 24, 2016
Benaki Museum
Athens, Greece