Evgenia Tsanana: Office For Public Unburdening




Photographs by Natalia Tsoukala and Panos Kokkinias for NEON and MAI

Emotional relief in times of crisis — this is what’s on offer in this work by Evgenia Tsanana, that springs from the acknowledgment that pain is eased when shared with others. The artist will create a participatory work, an office where visitors can relieve whatever is burdening them by describing their own nightmares. These nightmares are written down in pencil on paper, then wiped out with erasers. The rubbings left behind are then saved and stored. On the final day, the artist will walk down to Piraeus and throw the rubbings into the sea, before returning to close the Museum, both literally and figuratively. Through the repetition of the nightmare documentation and transformation process over the course of six days, the Office for Public Unburdening seeks to symbolically reduce the burden of collective misery brought on by the crisis that is weighing Greece down in a joint intervention undertaken with visitors that is founded upon mutual trust.

Evgenia Tsanana has lived in Hamburg, Germany, since 1989. She studied Visual Communication at the Hochschule fur bildende Kunste in Hamburg, where she attended the performance class of Marina Abramović. Her interdisciplinary artworks encompass graphics, video, singing, performance and performance lectures, and have explored subjects including the body and gravity, varieties of visual perception, human couples, shifting identities, cosmology, the perception of time, birds, and trust. Her approach is usually phenomenological and often collaborative, working with both artists and scientists. She has presented work at the Kaskadenkondensator and the Performance Index Festival in Basel, Bildwechsel and the DESY Research Centre in Hamburg, and at art events, film festivals, scientific conferences, clubs and other cultural venues in Germany, Switzerland and Greece.


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March 10 - April 24, 2016
Benaki Museum
Athens, Greece