Collective Experiences

Weekly Diary #2


Tuesday, March 22 – 2016


The second full week of the As One exhibition has been completed – a week rich in thrill and emotions. In addition to six long-durational performance artists, this past week As One also hosted three interventional performance artists, workshops, lectures, several screenings and a rare re-performance of a legendary performance piece.

Highlights from this second week of As One include Marina Abramovic’s lecture on the History of Performance Art; Lynsey Peisinger’s talk on The Abramovic Method; and Martha Pasakopoulou’s re-performance of “Cleaning the mirror”, first performed by Marina Abramovic in 1995.


Tuesday March 15th: Day 5
The week starts with some new interventional performance artists. Yannis Adoniou and Stavros Apostolatos, are the first floor’s new residents and they are presenting “Portrait of the Unknown Man” for the whole week: flirting with the idea of disappearance, the two artists seek to dissolve their forms, by using movement as a tool. Some meters away, Katerina Oikonomou uses her voice to discover the limits of body and mind in her piece “And There Was Voice”. Highlight of the day, Lynsey Peisinger’s talk on the Abramovic Method: One of Marina Abramovic closest collaborators, talks about the origins of the Method and how it has evolved during the years, as well as its potential impact on visitors.


Wednesday, March 16th: Day 6
Long durational performances by Despina Zacharopoulou, Thodoris Trampas, Nancy Stamatopoulou, Lampros Pigounis, Virginia Mastrogiannaki and Yota Argyropoulou and this week’s interventional performances keep on offering unique and profound experiences to As One’s visitors.


The highlight of the day, was the workshop held by Eva Lampara, along with her teacher and director Annita Capousizi: revealing how performance art can function with immobility in the body, “Passing through” presented a body with “limited” mobility - the same body that creates “unlimited” possibilities of interpreting the world.

Thursday, March 17th: Day 7
Katerina Oikonomou’s piece is complete and it is time for Nikolaos’s interventional work to come into light, for four days in a row: “Look at the pain in the eyes, and the pain passes” attempts to manifest mental distress through physicality and seeks ways to overcome it. In the afternoon, Katerina Oikonomou and the director Alexandros Efklidis discuss the expressive boundaries of opera, its affinities with contemporary performing arts and the peculiarities of an opera singer as a performer.

Friday, March 18th: Day 8
It is the second Friday both for the artists and the public to have a ten-hour length performance art experience. At the end of the day, Nikolaos surpasses his physical limits and his performance art piece is completed two days earlier than planned.

Saturday, March 19th: Day 9
Anastasia Papatheodorou comes back to As One, and keeps experiencing a journey of self-exile into a vulnerability of an emotional, physical and conceptual nature, in her interventional piece “Woman in state of truth – while the legendary piece “Cleaning the Mirror” is being re-performed in the Benaki Museum’s first floor, by Martha Pasakopoulou, twenty-one years after its first iteration in 1995. Highlight of the day, Marina Abramovic lecture on “The History of Durational Work”: Abramovic talked about the essence of durational work, the elements that make it unique as form of art while making a review on some of the most important long-durational performance art pieces of the twentieth century. 

Sunday, March 20th: Day 10
The second week closes with a really significant re-perfomance, presented for the second time in the As One exhibition: for eight hours, four young Greek artists, have been re-performing “Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful” - forty-one years after Marina Abramovic’s performance in the Charlottenburg Art Festival in Copenhagen.

NEON + MAI | As One
March 10 - April 24, 2016
Benaki Museum, 138 Pireos St. Athens, Greece