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Talk | Anna Stavrakopoulou + Olga Spyropoulou: From Theatre to Performance

Photo by Natalia Tsoukala

Photo by Natalia Tsoukala

Anna Stavrakopoulou + Olga Spyropoulou
From Theatre to Performance

Location: First Floor Workshop Space

A conversation with “no power, a little knowledge, a little wisdom, and as much flavor as possible.” (Roland Barthes, Leçon inaugurale).

ANNA: What is theatre, who makes it for whom and where, how has it changed from antiquity to our time and why has it been so resilient as a form of artistic expression? What is performance, where and how did it materialize? Who attends performances and how, what stays with them once they exit the performative space? How do the two genres interact? 

OLGA: Theatre is the art of the present. Live bodies perform; narrate. When the representation proves inadequate, the need for a happening is born. The heroes die. The bodies are left bare. They remain on the stage subject to the human gaze. The human is resurrected. This is his body.


Anna Stavrakopoulou studied literature and theater in Greece (University of Crete), France (Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle) and the USA (Harvard University). She has taught in the USA (NYU, Harvard, Yale) and Turkey (Bosphorus University), she is a founding member of the Harvard Summer Program in Greece (est. 2002) and continues to serve on its faculty. She is currently an Associate Professor of Theater Studies at the School of Drama at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she has been teaching since 2003. She has published articles, books and edited volumes in both English and Greek on Modern Greek literature and theater.

Olga Spyropoulou studied at the School of Drama (Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and at the University of Kent at Canterbury. She has worked as a dramaturg, as a director and a performer. She writes and translates poetry.