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Film Screenings | Durational Works from IMMATERIAL

Happy Yingmei, Elysium Gallery  (2013), Yingmei Duan

Happy Yingmei, Elysium Gallery (2013), Yingmei Duan


Videos courtesy of the artists

In 2014, MAI launched its digital journal called IMMATERIAL, which featured interviews with artists, scientists, and thinkers, and highlighted durational works from artists around the world. New selections of the documentation from these works are shown in this collection.


Monali Meher
b. India
Riceville/Whiteville (2006)

The piece consisted of the artist building temporary structures made of natural, site specific materials at a construction site for a new bus station. The materials included sand, bricks, cement tiles, wood, and rice the artist cooked right on site of the installation. 


Christos Linou
b. Australia
Naked Peel (2014)

Linou peeled 1,200 oranges and fastened the peels to his naked body, an attempt to re-create the sensory experience of the dream from the artist's memory through the use of trance, ritual, and sadomasochistic embodiment practices in dance.


Anna Berndtson
b. Sweden
Du Fick Svert (2013)
Performed in Bergmancenter, Fårö, Sweden

For this performance, the artist sits in a chair dressed in an office suit. In front of her is a table with a chessboard, in which both side’s pieces are white. Members of the public are invited to sit in the chair.


Angela Freiberger
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bath House (2001)

For this performance and installation, the artist installed four different kinds of bathtubs she sculpted from Portuguese pink marble, lying down in each of the bathtubs, her body becoming one with the stone and taking on the objects’ physical traits.


Based in United States
Shelter (2012)

Shelter explores notions of protection, comfort and restraint. One woman sits at a solid table, piled high with pea-sized stones. She considers, perhaps counts, and drops each one to the ground. A second woman, with a similar, heavy table and chair strapped to her back, attempts to drag an overflowing bag of stones across the length of the gallery.


Carlos Martiel
b. Cuba
Punto de Fuga, (2013)
Video courtesy of the artist and Steve Turner, Los Angeles

A prestigious Italian doctor, Alberto del Genio, spent five hours sewing 88 black wool yarns (brought to Italy from South America) into Martiel’s body. When the doctor was finished, the artist stood in the center of the main hall of the Nitsch Museum in between two walls specially built for the performance.


Yingmei Duan
b. China
Happy Yingmei (2014)

Occupying a dreamlike forest glade installed inside the Art Gallery of NSW for the duration of the Sydney Biennale, Chinese artist Yingmei Duan hands out written wishes to exhibition visitors in this ongoing performance and sound installation.


Temporary Distortion
Based in United States

"MY VOICE HAS AN ECHO IN IT" (2014) is a six-hour, installation-based performance with live music, text, and video, unfolding in a fully enclosed 24′ x 6′ hallway surrounded by two-way mirrored windows.