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Film Screenings | Durational Works from IMMATERIAL

  • Benaki Museum 138 Pireos Athina, 118 54 Greece (map)
Money Laundering Wet Wipes  (2007), Ana Prvacki

Money Laundering Wet Wipes (2007), Ana Prvacki



Videos courtesy of the artists

In 2014, MAI launched its digital journal called IMMATERIAL, which featured interviews with artists, scientists, and thinkers, and highlighted durational works from artists around the world. New selections of the documentation from these works are shown in this collection.


Ana Prvacki
b. Pančevo, former Yugoslavia (Serbia),
The Money Mountain (2008)

For The Money Mountain (2008), Ana Prvacki used wet wipes to clean paper currency given to her by members of the audience in an installation consisted of piles of moneybags.


James Murray
b. United States
The Awakening: A(re)Performance (2012)

The Awakening: A (re)Performance is a twelve hour flagging dance created using a single strobe light, documented with a single video camera, and recorded for playback within the gallery.


Yingmei Duan
b. China
Sleeping in Van Gogh Museum (2005)

During the exhibition, Duan sleeps daily on a shelf in the space from 10am till 6pm for one week. She is wearing pajamas and sometimes appears as if she is sleepwalking or moving unconsciously.


Abigail Levine
b. United States
Refrain (2013)

Abigail Levine creates a cyclical choreography through the repeated writing of a phrase. These danced refrains produce visual documents that trade legibility for physical accumulation, expanding the original phrases through imperfect repetition.


Holly Victoria Matthews
b. United Kingdom
Durational Drawings (2015-Ongoing)

Holly Victoria Matthews' practice is centered on her investigation of how to document her stream of consciousness through drawing and durational performance. To make physical her internal language - creating a dialogue between her and the sensory outside world.

Nezaket Ekici
b. Turkey
Border Inside (2011)

In this 11-hour video-performance, Nezaket Ekici chews pieces of gum one after the other and glues the chewing gums on the glass. During the process, the American flag is developed and ends when the flag is done. The video shown is a time lapse of this performance. 


Snežana Golubović
b. Serbia
Counting (2006-11)

Golubović counted her own hair in a performance has been realized 17 times, each time varying in duration. The first performance in Avignon was the longest, occurring over six hours with 7,046 strands of the artist’s hair counted.


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