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Film Screenings | Cleaning the House to Student Body


Cleaning the House Archival Video
Video courtesy of Marina Abramovic archives

The Cleaning the House workshop was developed by Marina Abramovic to prepare performers for creating long-durational works. Participants are led through a series of long-durational exercises to improve individual focus, stamina, concentration, resistance to pain, and ability to break through physical and mental boundaries. At the start of each workshop, participants must turn in their cellphones, computers, and watches. Participants are required to refrain from eating or speaking throughout the 3-5 day workshop to bring the body and mind to a quiet, calm state. The conditions of each exercise are explained at the moment of execution. This film documents the behind of the scene process of running this workshop. 

Le Lavoir, (1995)
Video Courtesy of Marina Abramovic Archives

A four part video series made by Marina Abramovic during a Cleaning the House Workshop of exercises in the water. Each video follows one exercise that is completed during the daily swim in a natural body of water during the 3-5 day workshops. 

Cleaning the House - Brazil (2015)
Directed by Marco Del Fiol
Video Courtesy of Casa Redonda

Cleaning the House - Greece (2016)
Directed by Tokomburu

Independent Performance Group
Reel from Van Gogh Museum
Courtesy of Marina Abramovic Archives

The Independent Performance Group (IPG) was formed in 2003-2007 founded by Marina Abramovic, made up of a group of performance artists comprised mainly of past students, who continued to work closely with Abramovic professionally. The group blurred the lines between curator and artist, museum and arts organization. During its active years, the group presented various performance series and participated in a number of workshops. This reel is drawn from the archives of IPG and shows a series of works from an exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum and a collaboration Illy.



Reel of Marina's T.V. interviews, (1980s - 90s)
Video courtesy of Marina Abramovic archives

A reel of T.V interviews conducted by Marina Abramovic between the 1980s - 90s on the topic of performance.