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Intervention | Anastasia Papatheodorou: A Woman in State of Truth

  • Benaki Museum 138 Pireos Athina, 118 54 Greece (map)
Photo by Natalia Tsoukala

Photo by Natalia Tsoukala

Anastasia Papatheodorou

b. 1976, Athens, Greece

A Woman in a State of Truth (2016)


Location: Second Floor, Intervention Space 2


An impromptu contemporary “poem” is created by Anastasia Papatheodorou as she wonders about the lightness with which the human brain endures and accepts the most tragic and demeaning events of our times as presented through the media, while maintaining a detachment that is open to the act of forgetting. The artist walks the fine dividing line between information and experience, and sets off down the path of self-awareness. Over the course of eight hours, she acts as a nomad, taking in the sounds, music, and moving image of a projection showing moments taken from the natural world, large-scale events, and the minutiae of daily life; she responds to these stimuli with her body and voice, with poems, songs and prayers. A journey of self-exile into a vulnerability of an emotional, physical and conceptual nature. 


Anastasia Papatheodorou studied theatre and direction at the Karezi Theatre Academy and at the Greek National Experimental Theatre in Athens. She has also attended theatre directing courses at the Film Academy in Vienna. She has been pursuing her artistic development as an actor, singer, director and performance artist over the last several years in Athens, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Portugal, São Paulo, New York and Los Angeles. Her performances are a synthesis of voice, poetry improvisations, sound effects and cinematic storytelling. She has been an assistant director for the cinema and theatre for Greek and international directors. She has also worked as a director and actor at the Greek National Experimental Theatre in Athens.



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