Telephus (2018)


The words “Ο τρώσας και ιάσεται” (Greek ancient proverb, meaning: “Only he who inflicts the wound can cure it”) refers to a prophecy that was given by the oracle of Apollo to Telephus about how he should heal up his wound caused by Achilles.

In this long durational performance, Yiannis Pappas wraps parts of his body with plaster, and in doing so he suggests a devotion to self-awareness. He sculpturally produces a paradoxical quasi-embodiment of the civilized global body, thus positing a critique about personal and collective asphyxia.

Yiannis Pappas (b.1978, Patmos GR) is a visual and performance artist based in Berlin. Underscored by a critical interest in space and the human body, as sites of physical and symbolic enactment, his artistic work and research explore how different places are sustained collectively and individually throughout history.

Yiannis Pappas has participated in widespread international exhibitions including the 16th Biennale of Venice 2018, Athens Biennale “OMONOIA” 2016, “As One” Live Exhibition at Benaki Museum in Athens curated by MAI and NEON, 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, the International Performance Art Festival “Latitudes” of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, the IV Buffer Fringe Nicosia Festival in Cyprus, “To the Future Public Exhibition” in Kassel, at FHXB Museum in Berlin, at the Freies Museum in Berlin and in “Zurich Meets London Festival” with presentations at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich and in London at Central Saint Martins, Underdog Gallery and Hoxton Arches. Yiannis’ artworks have been exhibited in Israel, Germany, Mexico, Norway, France, Serbia, Chile, Italy, India, Greece, Switzerland, Egypt and England through solo or group exhibitions.