Despina Zacharopoulou

Protreptic (2018)


Despina Zacharopoulou’s Protreptic (in Greek: προτρεπτικός [protreptikos], meaning: that which urges someone towards change) is a performance which aims to revisit, rethink and reactivate philosophy as a way of life, within the sociopolitical landscape of Bangkok.

The artist invites the audience to enter into an encounter with her, after a series of protocols are established and consent is explicitly given. This performance investigates questions revolving around the thickness of boundaries, governmentality, preciousness, use and expenditure.

Despina Zacharopoulou is a Greek, London-­‐based performance artist and a practice-­‐led Ph.D. Researcher in Fine Art (Performance) at the Royal College of Art, supervised by Professor Johnny Golding and Professor Nigel Rolfe. Her research is supported by the Onassis Foundation Scholarship for Research Studies. Her artistic practice focuses on live performance, raising questions concerning time, space, response-­‐ability and philosophy right here and right now. Parallel to her academic research, Despina has been presenting her work and performing extensively in key London art and academic spaces; e.g. Asylum Caroline Gardens Chapel, Toynbee Studios, Central Saint Martins Library, RCA Dyson Gallery, Gallery Sensei London, Assembly Point Gallery. She has been also participating in major art events of worldwide impact, including; London Frieze 2017, AS ONE exhibition organized by the Marina Abramovic Institute & NEON in Athens 2016, Belgium Performance Festival at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and MuHKA, Antwerp 2013. Despina Zacharopoulou is the Academic Leader of the Contemporary Art Summer School at the Royal College of Art (2018) and has been continuously teaching as a Visiting Lecturer in the Academia since 2012.