Lin Htet

Our Glorious Past Our Glorious Present Our Glorious Future (2018)


Our Glorious Past Our Glorious Present Our Glorious Future is an ongoing performance series conceived and developed by Nyan Lin Htet. Using mainly the artist’s body and notions of temporality, this performance series explores the issues of identity in Myanmar where the long civil conflict is still ongoing since the independence from the British in 1948.

The ongoing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar highlights the issues such as self-identification, identity politics, communal violence, state-sponsored segregation and the state repression and rejection. Sadly and alarmingly, these issues are also common in the current immigration crisis all over the world.

Conceived as a meditative sit-in, for this edition of Our Glorious Past Our Glorious Present Our Glorious Future, the artist is going to spend three weeks within an enclosed structure made up of barriers as an artistic protest against the mass confinement of the immigrants from the Global South including the Rohingya. Also throughout the duration of the performance, the artist will focus on sending Metta (notion of loving kindness in Buddhist belief) or positive psychic energy to all the immigrants of the Global South who are currently in confinement.

Lin Htet is a performance practitioner from Myanmar (Burma). Also the founder and artistic director of Theatre of the Disturbed, pioneering experimental performance ensemble based in Yangon, Lin Htet has been actively promoting contemporary performance practices and the country’s much needed cultural education since 2005 in Myanmar. In 2008, he founded the first international platform for contemporary theatre and performance in Myanmar, ‘iUi: initiating, updating and upgrading,’ in order to promote intercultural dialogue between Myanmar and the world. He has also participated in numerous performance art festivals in Europe, Asia and North America.