Reetu sattar

orbit (2018)


Soren Kierkegard has written in his article ‘Fear and Trembling’, “When the children on a holiday have already got through playing all their games before the clock strikes twelve and say impatiently, "Is there nobody can think of a new game?" does this prove that these children are more developed and more advanced than the children of the same generation or of a previous one who could stretch out the familiar game to last the whole day long? Or does it not prove rather that these children lacked what I would call the lovable seriousness, which belongs essentially to play?”


Lovable seriousness can be a widespread pretense. May be it comes from an engendered complicity in a population. As having different opinion to the power is the only reason you can be vanished what else is left but to be in continuous pretention. Kierkegard said that faith is the highest passion in man.  Faith on nature, life, love, care or faith in wrath, vengeance and bloodshed or faith in living in fear and tremble?

May be faith in the beautiful circle of fear-forget-forgive-back to normal?

Lives under the sky forever under the spell of missing or ‘Desaparecidos’.

Us are missing under the engendered complicity in a safe box. Moving with the UTC provided is life. Us want to live. Live like a beautiful mannequin in malls. Us are people living in a time to bury the burden of having different opinions or consciences; us are to pretend not to have any thoughts or ideas to change.

The dirty flights will be taken place in new cities but we will be here busy in our lovable seriousness.

The artist’s spin here are with the Zulu time famously known as military time to be accurate everywhere around the world that is 5 am to 1 pm according to Bangkok timing 12pm to 08pm. Other two timings are coming from the original time at Buenos Aires and Washington DC according to Bangkok timing 12pm to 08pm. The first is famous for its notorious cases of ‘Desaparecidos’ and also unique way of retaliation, the 2nd notoriously known to support/operate such cases country to country.

She also sings the names of Azucena Villaflor. She was a mother who herself disappeared while looking for her dissapeared son. (Esther Carreaga, Faruk Hosen…) had to face the same fate. 

Buenos aires UTC-3: 2am – 10am

Washington DC UTC-4: 1am-9am

Bangkok UTC +7 hours  : 12 pm - 8 pm

UTC time: 5 am – 1pm

Zulu time: UTC +0

Reetu Sattar (b. 1981, Dhaka, Bangladesh) is a Dhaka-based performance based artist working with performativity, video, text and objects. Her time-based work explores presence and absence, memory, loss, resilience and the ephemerality of existence. She is interested in the similarities, overlaps and clashes of forms in theatre and performance art and the relationship between the body and ego. Sattar plays with the traditional tropes of theatre through the voice, conversations, sound, props, costume and sculptural elements.

Recent exhibitions and performances include Liverpool Biennial (2018), Dhaka Art Summit (2018), Para/Site, Hong Kong (2017), Jim Thompson Art Centre, Bangkok (2017), Fierce Festival, Birmingham (2017), Chobimela ix, International Photography Festival, Bangladesh (2017), 16 th and 17th Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh (2014 and 2016); Britto, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2016); Bengal Performance Art Week (2016); Bengal Foundation Visual Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2016); National Art Exhibition, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (2015); Forashgonj Orphanange, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh (2015) and South Asian Media Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2014), Dhaka Art Summit (2014 and 2018).