Jihyun Youn

Geometry of Lamentation (2013/2018)


GEOMETRY OF LAMENTATION is about the relationship between movement and a specific emotion; the lamentation. The artist’s research questions how to convey a specific emotion into geometry?’ and ‘how to measure that emotion?’ The starting point of this work is from the study of ancient Korean and Japanese court dances which have unique abstractness and brevity in spite of all the riches of the original tale.

This performance is an attempt to measure the unmeasurable such as an inner landscape of emotion. The artist will try to isolate the movement as a single event without meaning or reference to makes a suitable condition to measure the emotion. She is wearing a white costume and mask to dance geometry of lamentation as reasonable as possible in concern of measure space, time and emotion. The movement sequence is regenerated from the geometrical form of the Korean letters, Hangeul, the Korean alphabet. At last, in spite of great effort to measure the lamentation as a geometrical form she is not able but instead  she becomes an object of lamentation itself by being painted in red. The action of being painted in red will be happening in daily at the performance and her trial and error are starting all over again the next day.

Jihyun Youn was born and raised in South Korea and lives in Amsterdam. Since a young age, she trained classic ballet and Korean traditional dance techniques. She studied new dance techniques and choreography at EDDC (European dance development center) in Arnhem, Netherlands and continued her study at DasArts (Master in Theater) in Amsterdam towards to interdisciplinary performance arts study. She works as a freelance artist and creates projects in various collaborations based in Amsterdam. She presents her artwork in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and Seoul in theaters and festivals and invited to the Artist in Residency around the world and running workshops.